Carolina (starsparkle333) wrote,

never washing my hand again

I just need to get all of today recorded into words so I can always have a good recollection of it.

Today was my Day of Grimm. We decided to avoid the trauma of waiting for Hall H and do lots of Grimm things instead.

I need to preface this story with the fact that I dressed up today as Sherlock, so I was wearing a deerstalker. ....Hopefully memorable in a good way.

First, we hit up the exhibit hall where I got some ADORABLE Katie Cook mini-paintings (Sherlock! Castiel! a narwhal!) and then we walked over to the Grimm forest area... and THE GRIMM CAST WAS THERE. Sadly, they were being herded away, but Eli managed to get a pic with Sasha and I almost got a pic, but then they got piled into cars.

So we wandered off to Zachary Levi's NerdHQ for the 11am signing. After some confusion and mayhem, the signing happened. THEY WERE ALL ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TABLE FROM ME. And this is where I am a giant dork. I walked up to David and waved while saying hi to him.... while he was like 3 ft away from me. So he was like, did you really just wave at me while you said hi? Really? I told him I liked waving (?), to which he replied "that is very effusive of you". So after a pause (where he giggled about it with Silas - OH GOD WHY), I asked him for a high-five instead.... and he was all like, UP TOP! And the moral here is that I am never washing my hand again.

After that exchange, I told him that I went to see Caroline & Jackie at Tribeca and that I thought it was great. Then I was like "so you are 0 for 2 on asking Bitsie to marry you, how does that make you feel?" And we laughed about it and he said something about being 0 for 1 in real life, to which I said that she obviously doesn't know what she is missing. AND OH GOD THAT HAPPENED HELP.

Ok... so I went down the line. Told Bitsie that I thought she was great in Caroline & Jackie - which she thanked me for.

Then I got to Sasha. And the first thing he says to me is "oh you got into the signing!" So I smiled and was like, Yup! Then we was like, well let's take that picture where is your camera. So I handed it off to the guy in line behind me and we got a pic while all the line organizers were yelling NO PICTURES. (lol oops). The best part is that the picture taking is such a blur and when I looked at it later, I realized that he had put his hand on my shoulder AND I HAD REACHED UP TO CLUTCH HIS HAND THERE. /headdesk.

But he was super nice about it, so I guess that's ok.

Then I got to tell Bree that I am super excited that Rosalee is going to be a regular and she was SO HAPPY to hear it.

Basically, the Grimm cast is flawless and SO NICE. And now I have a comic poster signed up the cast (....minus Silas) and a promotional photo signed by the cast.

....Then we missed getting into the official SDCC Grimm panel by 10 people. The only thing I am kinda sad about is that they showed the first 15 min of 2.01, but it airs in less than a month now, so I will live. It didn't sound like the Q&A gave us too much new info, and I can find it all later online.

Finally, we went off to the NerdHQ panel (that was part of the signing ticket). We were seated 2nd row on the left and they were just all super charming. The only awk part was this one girl who was like "can i get a signed poster and a hug from you all?" and it is just so rude to do that in a big panel when you have limited questions.

I did ask about the apparent development of Nick's "grimm powers" and got a very vague non-answer about how he is only more badass because his life sucks right now. I don't buy it and think he just doesn't know. WHATEVER. DAVID GIUNTOLI LISTENED TO ME TALK AND ANSWERED MY QUESTION WHILE LOOKING AT ME. <33333

In conclusion, everyone should watch Grimm because I have a lot of feelings.

Full con report to come sometime when I am back in Boston. I just needed to get this all out.
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