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throwing money at the internet

Hello internet!

I look like a crazy person today. My nails are all different colors and it is excellent. I have decided that Don't Blink is a bit too milky/chalky on its own, so next time i will layer a coat over black or dark blue to try and tone it down.

I have been in the lab for about an hour now and the only thing I have accomplished.... is buying things online. Oops. First was alerted to a deal with a brand called Julep which gets me 3 polishes + top coat for $5. Unfortunately, I also need to remember to call the place once I get the package and cancel the monthly deal that costs $20 normally.

Also, I bought something that I have wanted for a while now! A skirt from All Saints!

I have basically been eyeing this skirt for over a year. I saw it in the store when I bought my necklace there, but it retails for $120 which is too much. I wouldn't even want to pay that much for a brand goth-loli skirt. But I decided to do a round to the discount sites, and it was listed at hautelook for $35!! Whattttt.

In less exciting news, my mom and sister will be here tomorrow so we can all watch my brother run and my sister has asked to see my apartment.... which means that I need to clean because my mom will complain if I don't. (I mean.. she will even if I DO clean, but at least it will be less complaining?)

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Tags: nail polish is a lifestyle, online shopping: the slippery slope
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