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Nail Polish Review & Swatches: Nerd Lacquer

A while back, I mentioned that I had placed an order with Nerd Lacquer for 6 polishes. She has been super swamped at the store with orders, so she sent along a special ~mystery polish with each order that took more than 5 business days to ship. (I was secretly hoping that mine would take that long so I could get the polish - I was not disappointed). I got my shipping email on Monday and today the box arrived at my door.

So I bought 6 shades: i think you call me... sexy, exterminate, don't blink, event horizon, hyperspace bypass, and antisocial media. The extra bottle is called: lento. (I assume because this means slow in spanish).

Box it arrived in:

I posted a picture of the return label on twitter before I ran off to teach:

It was cushioned with packing peanuts and lots of bubble wrap and some ribbons. :)

Out of the box:

After the appropriate amount of time just petting the bottles, I took some pictures of all of them! Have two pictures, it was hard to get the light right on both rows.

Then, like the crazy person I am, I took a close-up picture of each bottle to get a better sense of what was actually in the crazy mixes.


(Square sequins! Lots of colors! This was just a happy surprise for me since I adore green polishes and this is so unique)

Hyperspace Bypass:

(Yellow is a weird color for me to buy since... I don't normally like it. I may have been partially swayed because this one reminded me of bees with all the black glitter. There are also multiple sequin colors/sizes, which is just fabulous)


{First I fell in love with the name. Then I fell in love with the color. Really what makes this for me is the black glitter.)

Event Horizon:

(Teal! Glitter! It's like a look into my brain.)

I Think You Call Me... Sexy:

(Of course I HAD to buy the TARDIS shade. I love the mix of multiple silver glitter sizes and dark blue mini-sequins.)

Antisocial Media:

(Another that I knew I HAD to own. Love the smattering of copper sequins.)

Don't Blink:

(Another outside of my usual color range; it's kinda milky. Again, it's the contrasting glitter that makes me love it more. Also the awesome large white sequins.)

And now for the colors on my nails! All are three coats with no top-coat.

(L-R): Lento, I Think You Call Me... Sexy, Exterminate, Don't Blink

(L-R): Event Horizon, Hyperspace Bypass, Antisocial Media, Don't Blink

The go on really nicely. The two blues and yellow show a bit of nail line, so I will probably throw a coat of something solid under next time. The rest are pretty close to opaque in just two coats. The dry a bit rough because of the glitter, but my top coat has now smoothed them out. The sequins also come out pretty easily, I did have to put them around a bit in a few cases.

The only thing I wish right now is that more of the sequins had deposited on my nail for Lento, Event Horizon, and Antisocial Media.

I have all the colors on right now and I'll wear them for a while to see how they last, but right this second I would not hesitate to tell people to buy them (once the store is restocked).

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